He stood ten feet tall, a dynamic, charismatic figure. Antranig Bakerjian symbolized the enduring, fighting soul of the kaghakatsi Armenian. He had the carriage of those in command of the situation, and the courage to stand up to the challenge. Some of the means he employed verged on the autocratic - he had no shortage of detractors - but there was no mistaking the steely determination, although admittedly there were some who were intimidated by his bearing. A man of manifold tastes and various talents, he doted on drama and literature. (Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" was one of his favorite poems).  A keen host, he delighted in having people over and on Christmas Eve, when the kaghakatsi revelers completed their round of midnight visits to friends, relatives and neighbors in the Armenian Quarter ending their crawl at his home, he would perch behind the bar, serving drinks, joining in the songs. A born leader, he tried to be a man of the people. Under his tenure, the Jerusalem Armenian Benevolent Union, the "Agoump," the centre of the kaghakatsi Armenians' cultural aspirations and expression, enjoyed its golden age. Khawaja Antranig, as he was popularly known, had a special interest in furthering the range and activities of the Boy Scouts Movement, the 14th Massis group. And in enhancing the artistic and cultural aspirations of young people. The stage was his preferred platform: aspiring thespians and orators had an open invitation to mount the steps and sally forth, under his critical eye. Among his favorite poems was Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” which he liked to have one of the young fellows recite in front of important visitors. As chairmanof the Kaghakatsi community “Jerusalem Armenian Beneveolent Union” (the JABU), he organized endless social activities, most importantly dances and balls with the Armenian Rhythm band providing the accompaniment. His drive and ambition saw him rise to the position of Area Officer with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees. Perhaps one of the fondest memories one has of Antranig Bakerjian, is the New Year’s Eve reception he held at his house. Everyone was invited - no one had to bring anything, because he provided all the food and drinks for an unforgettable night.