Armenian Jerusalem
Riding a camel at JABU
  Araksi Kaplanian had come to live in Australia, but had left her heart in Jerusalem. And her lifelong wish was to return there, to die there and be buried near her husband. Her wish was not granted and she died in an aged care home in Sydney. Her early upbringing in Alexandria, Egypt, provided her with a lasting love of the French language - she loved reading books in French, with a particular penchant for romances. Always genteel and polished, she detested gossip, her mind occupied with the quest for learning and knowledge, even at an advanced stage. Araksi was very active in the social and welfare programs of the Jeusalem Armenian Benevolent Union (the JABU). Accomplished cooks, Araksi and her husand Kevork, organized the catering for all the dance balls held at the club.