Armenian Jerusalem
The "Armenian Jerusalem" project gratefully acknowledges the help and support provided by members, and friends, of the community, in particular: Robert Marashlian George Ardavast Minassian Edward Hagopian Madeleine Aprahamian Dr Harry Hagopian Tamar Schlekhat Angie Hagopian Haigaz Stepanian Arshalouys & Michael Zakarian Antaram Karageozian Joseph Hagopian Joseph Yeghyayan Jack Yeghyayan Linda Barton (nee Markarian) Annie Kaplanian Chris Mirana Hagop (Hovsep) Hagopian Avedis Baghsarian Aida Badivian Kankachian Danny Kankachian Michael Stone Dalia Habash Kevork Alemian Gary Putnam Apraham Mnatzaganian Alex Mnatzaganian Haig Khatchadourian Yeranouhi Hartmann (nee Kalaydjian) Garo Nalbandian Kevork Mukhalian Vahe Khatchadourian John Zakarian Ruth and Sarkis Bedevian Avedis Baghsarian Haig Shahinian Ardashes Shahinian Kevork (George) Sandrouni Nedshan Balian Jr Hagop Karakashian Michael Jinivizian Hagop (Apraham) Hagopian Apkar (Apraham) hagopian Jacques Kaplanian Sona Babigian Astrig Tchamkerten Dr Vicken Kalbian Jirair Tutunjian Hagop Zakarian David Terzibashian Prof Apraham Terian Sona Hairabedian Most of the photographs hosted on the kaghakatsi Family Tree Project website have been kindly supplied to us by the community members whose names appear below. A few other pictures have been acquired from the public domain. A number of pictures of the Armenian Quarter, taken from various angles, have been specially commissioned for the project and taken by Apkar Hagopian. While every effort is made to acknowledge photo contributions and make proper attribution, it is possible that we may have overlooked some source or other, or have been unable to trace them. We would be only too happy to set things right if you would let us know. The photo contributors: Garo Nalbandian Apkar Hagopian Ardavazt Minassian Minas Minassian Jessi Paladini Sona Babigian Olsen Angie Hagopian Madeleine Aprahamian Tony Ramian Kevork Alemian Khatchig Bekarian Fr Ghevond Neshan Balian Apo Documentaries  
Evergreen olive tree where Jesus was tied
A special vote of thanks to Sona Hairabedian for her recent family tree input.