Armenian Jerusalem
Two thousand years ago, the Armenian emperor, Tigranes II (Dickran), King of Kings, marched into Judea at the head of a vast invading army. And planted the seeds of a perpetual Armenian presence in the Holy Land. For strategic reasons - he did not want to extend his front or engage in another costly military confrontation with the ruling Roman forces - he did not enter Jerusalem, which was nothing more than an insignificant regional province at the time. The first Armenians were soldiers and conscripts he left behind to man the garrisons he had had erected along the borders. They were joined by camp followers and soon intermingled with the local population and settled as homeowners, traders, artisans and builders, in and around the city. One of them was my direct ancestor. Endowed with a rich, dynamic culture, age-old traditions and glorious history, Armenians have helped place Jerusalem squarely on the map of the world. This website has been created with the aim of preserving and perpetuating our precious legacy and heritage.
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